Bongsu Park + Jinyeob Cha

03–06 Jul 2019

The Coronet Theatre


A dance journey through sleep and into the subconscious inspired by the Korean tradition of buying and selling dreams

Acclaimed London-based Korean artist Bongsu Park has joined forces with choreographer and dancer Jinyeob Cha to create Dream Ritual, a dark ethereal dance performance inspired by the Korean tradition of buying and selling dreams. Together, Park and Cha take the audience on a journey through the stages of sleep and the subconscious. 

Dream Ritualis rooted in the tales of dream transactions first encountered in the Samguk Sagi, the oldest surviving chronicle of Korean history. Cha’s character Munhui buys a dream and becomes a shaman who travels to the collective unconscious where she encounters the dreams of others.

Quotes from real life dreams – donated via the project’s website: www.dreamauction.org – are projected on to sweeping folds of organza which represent the arcs and ripples of a typical sleep brainwave. Jinyeob Cha travels along and between the curved line of fabric, her ritualistic choreography swirling and earthbound. haihm’s ambient soundtrack includes field recordings of aboriginal dream ceremonies.

In the Print Room studio running alongside the performance of Dream Rituals is an exhibition of a selection of Bongsu Park’s video works, part of her ongoing exploration of dreams, mythologies and the cycle of life.

* Reviews:

‘Elegant, inventive, and thought-provoking work.' 

Total Theatre

‘Explores the hazy chasm between waking and sleeping’ 

Dance Art Journal

'An inventive and inspiring journey into the unconscious'

Theatre Bubble

‘A delicate, mesmerising and fascinating multi-sensory journey through sleep and dreams’

Lucy Writers Platform

‘It’s a delicate work, ephemeral but leaving a lingering spell.’

Seeing Dance 

‘A thought-provoking and visually striking production on the subconscious.’ 

The Up Coming

‘A supremely elegant and delicate show’ 

Culture Whisper

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Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 00.25.44.png

Concept & Direction

Bongsu Park


Choreography & Performance

Jinyeob Cha


Sound Design


Lighting Design

Connor Sullivan


Lighting Consultant

Oliver Curtis 



Hyesu Han

Voice Recording

Théo Hénusse


Voice Feature

Heesoo Lee (Samguk Yusa part), Bernard Hénusse, Giovanni Dominici, Jennimaria Palmaki, Nelson Moreira, Victoria Garduno, Hazel Riley


Documenting Photography

Seyeon Park



Byungyeob Lee


Management Assistant

Ildi Nagy

Dream Ritual Crowdfunding



Rachel Lipson, Richard Burger


Philip Gowman, Sunok Phillips, Charlotte Callaghan, Hazel Riley,

Nadine Marsh-Edwards, Ronald Bailey, Georgia Adamson,

Ian Rosenfeld, Heesoo Lee

Thanks also to 

Soohyun Chang, Tabish Khan, Young Mi Tombros, Nick Tombros, Yong Min Cho, Brenda Curtis, Lionel Curtis, Jason Verney, Lucy Jenks,

Polly Tootal, Stephanie Seungmin Kim, Micheline Auger, Keita Miyazaki

WORLD PREMERE in association with

The Coronet Theatre


The Korean Cultural Centre UK

rosenfeld gallery